CALL FOR PAPERS : New Music in Britain (England, Canterbury, 10–12 May 2012)

New Music in Britain
An International Conference hosted by the Department of Music and Performing Arts Canterbury Christ Church University, England
10–12 May 2012


A conference on ‘New Music in Britain’, in association with Sounds New and the Institute of Musical Research (IMR), will be hosted by the Department of Music and Performing Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), from Thursday 10 to Saturday 12 May 2012.

The conference will coincide with and augment the long-established Sounds New Contemporary Music Festival, which is closely affiliated with CCCU. The 2012 festival (4–13 May), titled ‘Theme GB’, will focus on and celebrate the extraordinary work of British composers and performers, particularly after 1950. The London Sinfonietta, the Philharmonia Orchestra, the BBC Big Band, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band, the Tenebrae choir, the Arditti Quartet and the Julian Joseph Trio, are only a few of the many ensembles who will feature in the festival. Sir John Tavener will be one of the many guest composers who will be in residence during the period of the conference.

Building on the festival theme, the conference will provide an overview of the latest scholarly work on contemporary music composition, music-making and musicology in the British Isles.

Proposals are invited on topics that address specific compositional and/or analytical aspects of individual composers, repertoires, genres, styles and performance practice, as well as topics on earlier twentieth-century music that explore legacy issues. Papers that are more historical, sociological, and/or cultural in nature are also welcome, as are those dealing with the broader contexts within which contemporary music of the British Isles has evolved.

Possible themes might include, but are not limited to:
• Compositional practices of contemporary British composers
• Composer networks based around particular styles of composition (for example, but not exclusively, the Manchester School, modernism and post-modernism, post-minimalism, New Complexity, polystylism)
• Forms and genres
• Contemporary British opera and music theatre
• British film music and multimedia
• Oramics to twenty-first century electroacoustic music
• Overlaps between art music and other music styles and traditions
• The institutions, frameworks, and cultural policies that impact on British contemporary art music
• British music and broadcasting
• Cross-cultural influences on British music
• The global influence of contemporary British music and music-making

Potential contributors are invited to submit abstracts for:
i) individual paper presentations (20 minutes, plus 10 minutes question time)
ii) lecture recitals (40 minutes to 1 hour maximum, including question time)
iii) panel sessions (90 minutes, with no more than three papers, including question time)
Abstracts should address the conference theme and state the aims and methodological approach of the proposed paper(s). Abstracts will be published both electronically and in the conference programme, and should be no longer than 500 words for individual papers and up to 1,000 words for panel sessions. They should include the following information:
i) Title of paper
ii) Author(s) name(s)
iii) Institutional affiliation (if any)
iv) Email address (panels: emails for all panel participants)
v) Abstract (for panels: description of the panel and brief abstracts of individual papers)

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is Monday 19 December 2011.

Successful contributors will be notified via email by early January 2012.

Abstracts should be submitted via email (preferably as plain text – only attachments in .rtf format will be accepted) to the conference organiser, Dr Eva Mantzourani at: eva.mantzourani@canterbury.ac.uk.

Postal correspondence should be addressed to: Dr. Eva Mantzourani, Department of Music, Canterbury Christ Church University, Canterbury, CT1 1QU, United Kingdom.

Further information will appear on the conference website: www.cccubritishmusic.org.uk [website under construction].