Book by Maria Francesca Agresta

Maria Francesca Agresta Il suono dell’interiorità. Daniele Paris per il cinema di Liliana Cavani, Luigi Di Gianni, Lorenza Mazzett (Libreria Musicale Italiana, Lucca, 2010)

This book by Maria Francesca Agresta has reconstructed the activity of Daniele Paris as a film music composer, a musician who was known exclusively for his intense activity as a conductor, which he carried out between the end of the 50s and the beginning of the 70s.

Such activity was mainly aimed at spreading the “new music”, of which Paris was a significant protagonist, having conducted strongly innovative and experimental works by eminent musicians like Karheinz Stochhausen, Edgar Varése, György Ligeti, John Cage, Franco Donatoni, Franco Evangelisti, Sylvano Bussotti, Bruno Maderna, Luigi Nono within prestigious festivals among which Settimane Internazionali Nuova Musica in Palermo, Nuova Consonanza in Rome and the Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea in Venice.

The experience with avant-garde music allowed Daniele Paris to work for film music with new, modern and extremely interesting modalities beside a number of remarkable film directors: Lorenza Mazzetti for the Free Cinema, Luigi Di Gianni for documentaries of ethnographic interest and Liliana Cavani for some of her documentaries produced for the Italian television (Storia del Terzo Reich (History of the Third Reich) and Età di Stalin (The Stalin Years)) and for some of her most popular films like Il Portiere di notte (The Night Porter), Milarepa, Al di là del bene e del male (Beyond Good and Evil).

Three artists who experimented audaciously through the creation of particularly demanding and difficult subjects of philosophical inspiration and, in the case of Luigi Di Gianni, of anthropological documentation.

The stories told by these film directors, collected by M. Francesca Agresta thanks to a number of interviews fully reported in the present book, clarify Paris’ methods of work: he always succeeded – being perfectly in tune with them - in finding the “right” music in order to achieve a new and special result.

Il suono dell’interiorità (The sound from within) is the analysis of the path of a remarkable musician and is based on unpublished material; but most of all it is the tale of a human as well as professional cooperation that is quite unique.

Lorenza Mazzetti, Luigi Di Gianni and Liliana Cavani with their stories have clarified how in their films the aesthetic choice originated by an emotion was transformed, thanks to the collaboration of a musician and a friend like Daniele Paris, into a poetic choice through an indissoluble union between sounds and images.