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FILMMUSIK Ennio Morricone

Dear friends of film music research,

we are happy to announce that since April 28, 2014 the first volume of the new book series “FilmMusik” is available from the publishing house edition text + kritik (Munich). It was edited by Guido Heldt, Peter Moormann,Tarek Krohn and Willem Strank and is about Ennio Morricone, the most famous European film composer of our times. The articles reflect classical readings of Morricone’s music and explore new perspectives.

Broschur € 27,– (ISBN 978-3-86916-274-4)
E-Book € 26,99 (ISBN 978-3-86916-286-7)
170 Pages, Munich 2014

Ennio Morricone became well-known because of his compositions for Sergio Leone’s Italian western films in the 1960s. But their specific sound is just one aspect of his versatile work which encompasses – among more than 500 compositions for films and television – classical orchestral music, avant-garde jazz, electronic music and allusions of contemporary pop music genres. The first volume of the book series “FilmMusik” addresses this many-sidedness of Morricone’s composing and also includes an exclusive interview with the maestro himself, conducted by Ornella Calvano and Robert Rabenalt. The authors are Roberto Calabretto, Stefan Drees, Christiane Hausmann, Sergio Miceli, Franco Sciannameo and Timothy Summers.

You can find more informations on the volume and the book series here:

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Tarek Krohn & Willem Strank
Kiel Society for Film Music Research

Susanne Maas  Chöre im Spielfilm

An investigation into the representation of education through choral singing in the fiction film

Munich 2014, 544 P., 54.90 EUR, br., ISBN 978-3-643-12600-9