NECS conference "Sonic Futures Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media", 23rd June to 26th June in London

Dear all,

Please be reminded of the upcoming deadline for this year's NECS conference "Sonic Futures. Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media", which will be taking place from 23rd June to 26th June in London.

All proposals - for individual papers as well as pre-constituted panels - have to be submitted by January 31st! Papers sent in at a later date cannot be accepted. For further information about the conference, see our website, www.necs-initiative.org. Notification will follow shortly thereafter (around February 28, 2011). Information on travel and accommodation will be provided in early February.

January 31st is also the deadline for the second NECS Graduate Workshop ("Of Other Languages"), taking place on June 22nd, just before the NECS conference. You can download the CfP from www.necs-initiative.org – below the main call's entry.

And last but not least, please find attached the CfP of the workshop "Thinking Theory: Lacan/Deleuze: Seeing Sound" (deadline February 15), which will also be a part of the NECS conference.

Best wishes,
Sophie Einwächter


Thinking Theory: 1st Annual Workshop 2011
Lacan/Deleuze: Seeing Sound
25th June 2011 London (date to be confirmed)
In collaboration with the European Network for Cinema and Media Studies
NECS (www.necs-initiative.org)

What: 1st Annual ‘Thinking Theory’ Workshop 2011 on Lacan/Deleuze
as a part of the: Sonic Futures: Soundscapes and the Languages of Screen Media
23 June 2011 – 26. June 2011 London
When: 25. June 2011, (date to be confirmed)
Where: London, United Kingdom

Objective: This one-day workshop aims to gather two key note speakers and two
panels for a discussion on aspects of the work of Jacques Lacan and Gilles Deleuze
that intersect with concepts of sound in the cinema. Each keynote will give a one
hour lecture followed by a discussion, before the panels present their papers. The
aim of the workshop is to assemble researchers, graduate students, PhD and postdoctorates and engage them in a vivid discussion. If the spatial possibilities permit, the workshop is open to anybody who is interested in Lacanian/Deleuzian thinking.
We want to create a relaxed research environment within which students and
academics alike would feel comfortable asking questions and discussing the work of
these two complex seminal theorists. The purpose of the workshop is to create an
intellectually exciting and enriching interchange on sound and image between all
the participants.

Call for Papers
Lacan: Seeing Sound
Symbolic, Real, Imaginary
As Amanda Loos suggests here:
http://csmt.uchicago.edu/glossary2004/symbolicrealimaginary.htm, the main
Lacanian issues that seem to appear frequently in discussions of media,
representation, ideology and culture involve:
- the presumption/illusion of wholeness vs. fragmentation
- the role of language and symbol
- the kind of mediations performed by the ego through perception
- the function of "the gaze"
- defences against trauma
- changes in internal perception
- the complex relation of representation to "the real" (which for Lacan is what
cannot be represented)
We are interested in papers on Lacan and sound that intersect in any way with the
above topics, but especially with the concept of soundscapes in relation to Lacan’s
notions of the Symbolic, the Real and the Imaginary.
Deleuze: Becoming Sound
The work of Gilles Deleuze encompasses a vast field of critical thought. This field
incessantly evolves and expands with multiple readings of Deleuze. The very
challenge, however, lies in thinking with and through him, and by this, to further
evolve concepts; that is to experiment and not interpret, as Deleuze once put it. Yet
in order to experiment, a close-reading and a close thinking-through of selected
concepts might helpfully serve as a framework. Hence, we are interested in papers
on Deleuze and sound that tackle:
- Conceptualisation of sound and music
- Models of forming sound, deterritorialisation/ reterritorialisation, migration of
- Does something like minor sounds exist? Where could they be found and how do
they function?
- Lines of flight and sound, lines of flight of sound
- Concept of diagram and its possible application to sound and music
- Deleuze introduces the concept of becoming- music. Could one – by analogy or
by any other means - talk about becoming- sound?
- following the conceptualisations of the movement-image, time-image, could there
be something similarly graspable on the level of a sound-image?
- opera as a soundscape (questions of libretto, music score, operatic works of art
and becoming-sound)
Please send 300 word abstracts for 20 minute papers on Lacan to:
Or on Deleuze to: jana.zilova@gmail.com
Closing date: 15th February 2011
Proposal by: Jana Žilová and Lara Thompson, 10th January 2011, Paris and London