Book : Music in film and tv. Roberto Giuliani (Italy)

La musica nel cinema e nella televisione, a cura di Roberto Giuliani 
Music in film and tv. Roberto Giuliani, ed. (Milano, Guerini, 2011) - published in Italian -

Ennio Morricone, Franco Piersanti, Roman Vlad, Sergio Miceli, and Pasquale Santoli introduce the book, La musica nel cinema e nella televisione (Music in film and tv), Roberto Giuliani, ed., Wednesday, December 12, 6 p.m., Academic Hall, "Santa Cecilia" Conservatory, Rome.

For the first time in Italy, this book contains a broad and documented discussion of the music/movie, music/documentary, and music/tv relationships.

In section 1, after an historical overview of movie soundtracks against the foil of changing cultural and political contexts, there are detailed discussions of such topics as: musical biopics and opera movies; the relationships that such directors as Antonioni and Pasolini entertained with music; the works of Rota, Morricone, Manzoni, Nono, Berio, Maderna, Gelmetti, Macchi, Piovani, Piersanti, Crivelli, among others.

Documentary (Section 2) forms a brand new research area. Discussion starts with a thorough review of the Istituto Luce catalog, and reaches well into the Seventies, with the sound scripts of such subgenres as: landscape, art, industry, science, anthropology. They all form testimonies of period aesthetics, as well as of the documented subject, its cultural associations, and its memory.

Also new is Section 3. More than 10,000 tv shows have been traced and a history of music programs on the Italian tv has been reconstructed. The sundry formats are discussed in which music has been employed, from the black-and-white era to present day, suggesting that a larger inclusion of quality music would improve the dissemination of culture through mass media.

ISBN: 9788862503235